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US-2007218721-A1: Electrical Equipment for Junction and Method of Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2007227872-A1: Remote controller patent, US-2007277677-A1: Graduated filter patent, US-2007296743-A1: Device substrate for recording head, recording head, and recording apparatus including the recording head patent, US-2008006195-A1: Device for adjustably suspending a boat fender from a rod holder patent, US-2008007178-A1: Metal Halide Lamp and Illuminating Device Using the Same patent, US-2008014919-A1: Illumination system for portable electronic devices patent, US-2008022269-A1: Method and Apparatus for Building Executable Computer Programs Using Compiled Program Libraries patent, US-2008041306-A1: Object-processing apparatus controlling production of particles in electric field or magnetic field patent, US-2008047183-A1: Advertising device for crowd guiding systems patent, US-2008075479-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2008093922-A1: Armored flat cable signalling and instrument power acquisition patent, US-2008101497-A1: MIMO phase noise estimation and correction patent, US-2008110138-A1: CSI flex-plate system patent, US-2008113832-A1: Batting swing trainer and method patent, US-2008117763-A1: Information recording medium, recording/reproducing method, and recording/reproducing apparatus patent, US-2008176568-A1: Inter-technology handoff patent, US-2008192621-A1: Data Communication System and Data Transmitting Apparatus patent, US-2008198209-A1: Passage composite, an ink jet head and a printer patent, US-2008214921-A1: Attachable Surface Electrode For Laryngeal Electromyography patent, US-2008218125-A1: Battery Charging System patent, US-2008219072-A1: Method and apparatus for a dynamic semiconductor memory with compact sense amplifier circuit patent, US-2008244251-A1: Predictive model implementation system and methodology patent, US-2008244326-A1: Prognosis of faults in electronic circuits patent, US-2008249504-A1: Instrument port patent, US-2008253794-A1: Method and control unit for controlling the power supplied to a plurality of heat sources in a printer patent, US-2008259328-A1: Reticle defect inspection apparatus and inspection method using thereof patent, US-2008261444-A1: Co-Axial Plug for a Co-Axial Plug-in-Connector patent, US-2008282865-A1: Apparatus for forming a baffle patent, US-2008284968-A1: Display Device patent, US-2008286188-A1: Process for the Preparation of a Urea-Comprising Aqueous Stream patent, US-2008298874-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2008320603-A1: Access right management apparatus, access right management method and recording medium storing access right management program patent, US-2009001646-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2009099258-A1: Physiological coolants based on lactoyl esters of menthyl lactate patent, US-2009109942-A1: Methods And Apparatus For Use In Controlling Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) For Voice Communications In A Network patent, US-2009132075-A1: interactive multimedia apparatus patent, US-2009135433-A1: Optical three-dimensional measurement device and filter process method patent, US-2009153857-A1: Particle detector patent, US-2009154841-A1: Apparatus and method for transforming image in mobile device patent, US-2009158031-A1: Secure Certificate Installation on IP Clients patent, US-2009194683-A1: Method of operating a linear ion trap to provide low pressure short time high amplitude excitation patent, US-2009215331-A1: Boat propulsion system, control device thereof, and control method patent, US-2009217058-A1: Secure data transfer after authentication between memory and a requester patent, US-2009280704-A1: Stringer of water sports board with enhanced flexibility and water sports board containing thereof patent, US-2009295448-A1: Radiation Hardened CMOS Master Latch With Redundant Clock Input Circuits and Design Structure Therefor patent, US-2009304009-A1: Access network node and method for access network node patent, US-2009304010-A1: Network element providing an interworking function between plural networks, and system and method including the network element patent, US-2009309507-A1: Method for powering a control circuit for a gas discharge lamp during pre-heating of said lamp, and a device for performing said method patent, US-2009310235-A1: Lens assembly and lens module having same patent, US-2009313162-A1: Utilizing Cash Flow Contracts and Physical Collateral for Energy-Related Clearing and Credit Enhancement Platforms patent, US-2010023479-A1: Hexadecimal file fast decompression method patent, US-2010031253-A1: System and method for a virtualization infrastructure management environment patent, US-2010036276-A1: Neurofeedback System patent, US-2003153721-A1: Stable liquid melamine urea formaldehyde resins, hardeners, adhesive compositions, and methods for making same patent, US-2003176912-A1: Endovascular graft device and methods for attaching components thereof patent, US-2003181786-A1: Suction valve for a medical instrument patent, US-2003187605-A1: Method and apparatus for detecting hot rail car surfaces patent, US-2003213513-A1: Expandable framework structure for a canopy patent, US-2004008131-A1: Method and apparatus for compression of binary data patent, US-2004021117-A1: Valve system patent, US-2004025379-A1: McDowell heel guard patent, US-2004084289-A1: Four-directional control switch patent, US-2004088660-A1: Method and system for searching a microelectronic device physical layout patent, US-2004110552-A1: Fantasy sports auction system patent, US-2004118174-A1: Easy-to-maneuver key-ring patent, US-2004132352-A1: Electrical connector apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture patent, US-2004151605-A1: Method of generating compressed air, and compressor arrangement for implementing the method patent, US-2004154290-A1: Sequential hydraulic extension system patent, US-2004154669-A1: Second stage pressure reducer for two-stage pressure regulators patent, US-2004174249-A1: Electronic apparatus having a communication device patent, US-2004201141-A1: Apparatus and process for synthesis of carbon nanotubes or carbon nanofibers using flames patent, US-2004212515-A1: Method and device for increasing effective radiated power from a subscriber device patent, US-2004213658-A1: Tow hitch arrangement patent, US-2004231968-A1: Tact switch patent, US-2004240515-A1: Optical end-point detector for a hygrometer patent, US-2004255993-A1: Umbrella canopy orientating device patent, US-2005034998-A1: Hydrogen based energy storage apparatus and method patent, US-2005035401-A1: Semiconductor device manufacturing method patent, US-2005036888-A1: Windmill structure for use in wind power apparatus patent, US-2005040803-A1: Circuit for generating a reference voltage having low temperature dependency patent, US-2005073646-A1: Method of marking ophthalmic lens by using laser radiation patent, US-2005110207-A1: Sheet curl correction method and feeder apparatus patent, US-2005135854-A1: Systems and methods for adding post-collation operations and interleaved imaging jobs to an imaging job patent, US-2005146160-A1: Home utility management vehicle mini van or HUM V Mini Van patent, US-2005189961-A1: Method and apparatus for signal reception using ground termination and/or non-ground termination patent, US-2005191783-A1: Method of forming electrode for flat display panel patent, US-2005193806-A1: Measurement device for determining the straightness of shafts or shaft tunnels patent, US-2005202141-A1: Selective removal of oligosaccharides from aqueous mixtures using zeolites patent, US-2005211959-A1: Hand lever for a binding machine patent, US-2005239325-A1: Modular watthour meter socket and test switch patent, US-2005259711-A1: Electrode column patent, US-2005260898-A1: Electrical connector having resilient contacts patent, US-2005263496-A1: Spot welding system using robot patent, US-2005265532-A1: Provision of a personalized indicator datum when setting up a telecommunication patent, US-2005268975-A1: Valve for a hydraulic power steering patent, US-2005285619-A1: System and method for detecting an operational fault condition in a power supply patent, US-2006010926-A1: Loop-forming system and sinker for such a system patent, US-2006011119-A1: Sewing machine having a lower thread cutter patent, US-2006015802-A1: Layered decoding approach for low density parity check (LDPC) codes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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